The Alexandra Von Furstenberg Collection of home accessories is made up of three collections separate collections identifiable by print and color. Accent, is made up of a chic selection of graphic, abstract, and organic prints. Voltage, is a collection of sexy smoky neutrals and seductive rich jewel tones, while Fearless, like its name, is made up of vibrant statement making fearless neon colors.

All of Alexandra’s accessories are carefully crafted with both the precision of lasers and technology, as well as with the artisan touch that can only come from the trained hands of an experienced craftsman.

Acrylic is a very difficult medium to work with, but its rewards are priceless. Having diamond like clarity, and bulletproof strength at thicknesses over an inch, it makes for a very unique material that is simply unlike anything else on Earth. At AVF, we use the highest grade of cell cast acrylic in thicknesses up to 4”. There are many steps to make an AVF piece including cutting, measuring, faceting, bonding, weighting, and finally polishing and cleaning. It’s an extremely slow process that cannot be rushed, as every step has to be perfectly with great patience. If not done perfectly, one has to start all over from scratch.