Ceyda Bozkurt

“Ceyda Bozkurt” brand has been founded as a boutique ceramics and porcelain design company. The collections of the artist, who gratuated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Uni. Ceramics and Glass Design Department, are handmade and consist of tableware and decorative objects. Simple and pastel colored wafer-thin objects are shaped by using statuesque forms, custom made textures and genuine hand painting. She generally uses limoges porcelain in her products because it gives the right thickness and simplicity that she is looking for.

She aims to move away from manufactured products and expose genuine handmade products while she is designing her collections. Coffee cups with custom design handles, cake plates with unorthodox forms, wafer-thin water mugs, specially textured tea cups and bowls are various parts of her tableware collection. This collection makes people feel that it was designed especially for them which makes using them a more pleasurable experience.

All the process, including preparing the moulds and coloring the clay, casting, retouching, glazing and firing, takes place in the artist’s own studio. The whole boutique collection encapsulates the simplicity and grace.


Gökay Günindi

1990 Çorum

Marmara Üniversitesi
Güzel Sanatlar Fakültesi Resim Ana Sanat Dalı
Tayfun Erdoğmuş Atölyesi

Yeditepe Üniversitesi
Güzel Sanatlar  Fakültesi Plastik Sanatlar Bölümü
Yüksek Lisans

2008 yılından bu yana çalışmalarını İstanbul’da sürdüren sanatçı çeşitli karma sergilerde yer almış ve atölyesinde özgün baskı resim uygulamalarına ağırlık vermiştir.Üzerinde çalıştığı gravür serileri yeni varyasyonlar ve farklı içeriklerle zenginleşerek bir dökümanta niteliği kazanmaktadır.Birbirinden farklı coğrafyaların sahip olduğu bellek sanatçının gravür serilerinde estetize bir hal almış ve seyircinin analizine sunulmuştur.


Kezban Arca Batıbeki

Born in Istanbul. Batibeki graduated from The Fine Arts Faculty of İstanbul Marmara University’s Graphic Arts Department. In the She worked for the best art and women magazines in Turkey as an illustrator, designed book covers, children books and movie posters. She created an animation film for Swedish State TV and worked as a production designer and photographer on the films production.

1983 she relocated to Oxford and London in the UK to focus on her painting. She featured in plenty of Solo exhibitions and participated in numerous Turkish and International group shows. She has been widely regarded as one of the most insightful artists concerned with Women in Pop Culture involved in the Contemporary Art Scene in Turkey. She works on paintings, photographs, installations and short films about women. She also writes about Art and Travel for the newspaper and magazines. 

She has twice been presented with the Grand Prize at the Esbank Awards. She lives and works in Istanbul.



Ozan Ünal

Born in İzmir, 1974. After having college education in Izmir, he started his art education in Dokuz Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Graphics. Then, he made his transition to Fashion and Accessories in the same faculty. During university education, he won prizes in Beymen Academia Design Contest and Leather Days Design Contest. He represented Turkey in Young Designer Seminar of SAGA International Design Center in Denmark. He graduated in 2000 with his thesis: “Restricted Imagination – Designer Point of View”.
He build Atelier Pi – Arts and Design Atelier in İzmir, Karsiyaka. He has been to various joint exhibitions. Lately, he staged his private wooden and iron sculpture exhibition: “The human is not a black spot” in İzmir Historical Gas Board. He continues his artistic work in various art disciplines but mainly on sculpture in his atelier.